Boundary Dispute in Portland, ME? Contact A Real Estate Dispute Lawyer

An attorney can represent you during a real estate dispute

If you are having trouble with your property, you may want to turn to a real estate dispute lawyer. The Law Office of John Lemieux in Portland, ME represents clients during real estate disputes. Our real estate dispute lawyer can assist with anything from drafting agreements to resolving multiparty cases. You can meet with him for an in-person consultation or hold your consultation over Zoom.

Email us today if you're looking for a real estate dispute lawyer.

What kind of disputes do we assist with?

Real estate disputes can crop up for a variety of reasons. Whether there's an issue with a contract or a claim of fraud during an inspection, you could hit all kinds of bumps in the road when trying to buy a home. Thankfully, Attorney Lemieux represents clients in situations involving:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Fraud
  • Co-owner disputes
As an attorney that assists with a wide range of real estate disputes, attorney Lemieux will do everything he can to help you settle into your new home. Contact him now if you're having trouble with a real estate dispute.